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Greenhouse is a national experiential agency based in California that was looking for a way to grow their presence, increase their market share and define their market position.

Through a comprehensive website redesign and strategic repositioning, we established the Agency’s key differentiating factors, created a dynamic portfolio solution that represented to breath and width of Greenhouse’s capabilities, and developed a unique media application to highlight the scope of their experiential marketing services.

GHA Desktop

GHA Website DesignGHA Interactive DesignGHA Web DesignGHA Interactive Design

Website Design

We developed a visual and informational strategy to communicate the Greenhouse Agency experience to current and potential B-to-B audiences.

We designed the site to integrate the agency’s differentiating Brand Incubator process throughout and to further establish the brand within the digital space.

Customized Interactive Media Experience

Greenhouse orchestrates tens of thousands of campaigns and events every year, so we thought… what better way to showcase the diverse array of events and promotions than through an aggregate media stream integrated within the customized content management system?

We integrated all of the media streams into a customized WordPress CMS so all of the media coming in from the hundreds of field representatives can be reviewed and approved before pushing the content out across the company’s social channels.The hub of social activity was designed directly into the Greenhouse website’s media section.

Greenhouse Agency

The Greenhouse Incubator

Greenhouse Agency has a phased growth approach to its services that encapsulates the five main integrated solutions of the company.

We created the visual language that represents not only the conceptual process of the brand incubator, but also the icon system for the company’s integrated solutions.

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Greenhouse AgencyGreenhouse Agency