FacilityONE Selects Idiom as it’s Interactive Design Solution Provider

FacilityONE, a facility information solutions firm based in Louisville, KY, has chosen Idiom as their interactive design partner.

In addition to creating an adaptive interactive presence, we will be creating greater brand and services definitions, as well as establishing comprehensive product positioning to give FacilityONE a solid digital marketing foundation.

As part of the projects digital strategy, we will design a responsive website for FacilityONE. Today’s digital experiences need to be adaptive to mobile environments. By focusing on the interactive space, and designing a singular responsive solution we will be establishing a powerful cross-platform online presence. Rather than creating a separate mobile site design, which would have to be replicated for different devices, a responsive framework allows the desktop design of the site to respond to each mobile device’s dimensions and adapt, so there is no degradation of the interactive experience.

Update: Project has been completed, have a look.

View live site

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