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The Chopra Connect iPhone/iPad app serves as a universal mobile hub that connects the various media, events, initiatives, and pursuits of Deepak Chopra, The Chopra Foundation and The Chopra Center. It ushers in a new era of connectivity, engagement and interaction for Deepak with the world.

As a media hub, the app encapsulates Deepak Chopra’s media and consolidates the media streams in a simple easy to enjoy app.

Chopra Connect

Chopra Connect

Aggregate Content Stream

There is a ton of digital content within Deepak’s network, but there was no way for all the content to be accessed through a single source.

With Chopra Connect, we designed and developed a mobile solution that functions as an aggregate news network. The app collects the media (news, articles, videos, tweets) from 5 main sources (DeepakChopra.com, The Chopra Center, The Chopra Foundation, The Chopra Well YouTube Channel and Intent.com) and filters it through 11 topical categories. We also consolidated Deepak Chopra’s network’s various events into a single event feed, as well as created a multimedia platform for The Chopra Foundation’s annual Sages & Scientist Symposium.


The multimedia feed consolidated the volumes of digital content from various sources within the Deepak Chopra Network into a single, intuitive user experience.

Video content streams in-app from both The Chopra Well YouTube Channel as well as Speaker and Performer videos from Past Sages + Scientist Symposiums.

We filtered the media feeds by type (News, Articles, Video) and Twitter for easier navigation and faster user access.

The Events feed has live updates and event sign-up access for streamlined user accessibility.

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