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FirefighterMedic Website

About FirefighterMedic

FirefighterMedic.com is the first ever-digital community that untangles the difficult and often times confusing path to an Emergency Medical Services career.


Size: Small Enterprise
Industry: Education
Location: United States


The Firefightermedic.com website is built on top of the WordPress Framework, with custom developed plugins, and a uniquely designed and developed back-end experience.

Our development team integrated the site with a robust Membership Platform to help facilitate the registration, user management, and role-based permissions. The Memberships API was used to closely integrate the tools with the WordPress back-end, creating a seamless experience for both the user and the sites administrators.

The Wiki and WP eCommerce plugins were closely integrated with the site to build, grow and nurture the sites audience.

Project Snapshot
  • eCommerce Store
  • UI/UX Design
  • Membership Platform Development
  • Custom Design & Development
  • Customized WordPress Development
  • Plugin Development


Project Highlights


FirefighterMedic User Interface DesignFirefighter Medic Website DesignFirefighterMedic Website DevelopmentFirefighterMedic Website DevelopmentFirefighterMedic Website DevelopmentFirefighterMedic User Experience Design

User Experience Design (UX)

Our main goal with the design of the system was to create a flexible architecture, one that would allow the organization to grow and evolve and at the same time maintain and consistent and familiar experience for the end-user.

One of the biggest challenges with this approach was the sheer volume of information that was to be represented on the site and developing this flexible was designing a flexible enough content architect system so the site could grow with the organization and at the same time remain a functional resource tool to both Career and prospective Firefighters. how to become a firefighter.

Integrated Membership Platform

One of the more dynamic features of the site is its membership service. The integrated membership system allows for users to register for a variety of accounts with different tiers of content access associated with each membership level. Membership level upgrade and downgrade functionality was built into the system so members could tailor their membership to their specific needs.

Along with developing a comprehensive internal marketing strategy, we designed a full suite of integrated in-content advertising solutions that informed users of what content is available for different levels of membership. The membership system was also closely integrated with the Stripe Payment gateway for easy account management an payment processing.

eCommerce Solution

In additional to the customized Content Management System(CMS), Integrated Membership Management System, and the Wiki community resource center, we developed an integrated eCommerce Solution to house the products and media the organization develops.

The solution included an integrated inventory management system, sales tracking, account reporting, and integrated analytics.

FirefighterMedic eCommerce SolutionFirefighterMedic eCommerce SolutionFirefighterMedic eCommerce SolutionFirefighterMedic eCommerce Solution